Smart Working Spaces

Powerful and Intuitive Smart Offices and Spaces

Create your ideal smart workspace with Using the world’s top technologies, we integrate smart functionalities and automations to make offices, institutions, and built environments in Singapore better. Automate menial tasks, create frequently-used scenes, and harness the power of high-tech devices to make your space better and more secure.

WorkSmart Smart Offices Singapore

Dependable Smart Techologies

Fuss-free, powerful smart devices and software

WorkSmart uses top technologies from different partners to achieve a smart spaces that can be conveniently monitored, controlled, and automated. Have an overview of your working space, and see, from one screen, the status of every room and their devices.

Easily Controlled Smart Devices

Remote or manual operations

WorkSmart’s devices are integrated into our powerful smart systems, yet they retain simple, manual operations for the average user. Most of our smart devices can be controlled simply by methods people are used to – such as the simple pressing of a switch.

Office Automations

Have your work space devices and appliance work automatically

No more leaving a light or air-conditioner on overnight. WorkSmart’s technologies includes setting up automations, so that devices can react to triggers (or the lack thereof). Nobody in the meeting room? Lights and air-conditioners can turn off by themselves.

Lights can also be triggered to turn on with motion sensors and door sensors, helping to improve the safety of your working place.

Smart Office Automations

Smart Security

Monitor and secure your working space

With our smart locks and monitoring cameras integrated into our smart systems, offices and work spaces can be more secure, and can be easily monitored. Using secure, encrypted wireless systems, cameras can be added retroactively without requiring pulling new wires.

Smart Camera Systems

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You’ll be surprised to find out how simple it can be to make your office or work space smart.